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15 Awesome Wax Hacks

15 Awesome Wax Hacks

Wax is used for all kinds of uses, here I have gathered a couple of cool ideas. When combining these wax combination you need to heat up the oil or spirits first. Then you can add solid or melted beeswax to form a concoction. Beeswax was used in all of these applications.

1. Furniture Polish

4:1 Linseed Oil / Wax

2. Sawblade

4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

3. Fabric Waterproofing

1:1 Mineral Spirits / Wax

(Dip fabric in melted wax & mineral spirits and let dry)

4. Cutting Board

4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

5. Dry Skin

4:1 Olive Oil / Wax + Aromatic Oils (optional)

6. Table Saw

4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

7. Leather Care

4:1 Linseed Oil / Wax

8. Make your own Sinker Nails

3:1 Mineral Spirits / Wax

(Coat nails in melted mineral spirits and wax, let dry)

9. Wooden Spoons

4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

10. Waterproofing Matches

3:1 Mineral Spirits / Wax

(Coat matches in melted mineral spirits and wax, let dry)

11. Waxified Danish Oil

4:1 Danish Oil / Wax

12. Rust Protection

4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

13. Protecting Outdoor Furniture

4:1 Linseed Oil / Wax

14. Drawer Sliders

4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

15. Fire Starters

1:1 Sawdust / Wax

(Combine melted wax with sawdust and pour into wooden mold that can be taken apart or silicon mold. Remove from mold when stiff and cut into smaller pieces.)


1: When melting a large amount of beeswax, using a dedicated shop slow cooker will do the job easily.

 2. Looking for cheaper mineral oil? Pick up baby oil instead, it's made of 100% mineral oil.