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Cutting Board Mineral Oil & Beeswax Polish


Cutting Board Mineral Oil & Beeswax Polish


This is probably the most versatile polish of them all. Mineral oil does not cure (dry) so it is perfect for all sorts of uses. I use it to coat my tools, such as hand saws and table saws, and also the bottom of planes. All because when it is added to metal, wood or anything else it will not dry like linseed or tung oil would, which would gum up the tool.

I made sure the mineral oil here was the best I could get, and that it is food-grade cutting board oil. So for these I used General Finishes mineral oil and natural beeswax, which is also food safe.

I use this not just on cutting boards, but bread boards, tools, anything that slides and sometimes even as a final finish. Beeswax and oil based polishes are really so versatile you can really use it on anything. It will not damage any wood, in fact it will prevent rust and water-penetration on just about everything.

How To Apply

To apply this wax/oil polish simply use a clean rag, or even a paper towel if you can't find anything else. Apply a thin coat, wait a few minutes and buff the work with a clean rag or paper towel. Paper towels tend to leave pieces on the work piece so be aware of that. I like to use a lint-free cloth if at all possible.

Contains 4 fluid ounces of wax polish. Weight of container and polish is 4 1/2 ounces. 


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