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Floating Shelves and Reclaimed Wood & Metal Shelves

Imperative Decor http://www.imperativedecor.com/ sent over some shelves for me to test out. So I decided to put them up in my new office. The shelves measure about 5 x 24 inches. The first is a reclaimed wood with metal brackets and the second is a floating shelf with a thicker lumber. Both went up in minutes!


They were really easy to set up. I used the included wall anchors, and set the right into the drywall. First I used a 1/4 inch drill bit to make a hole in the drywall, and then used a screw driver to secure them. It went pretty quick and simply used the included hardware and fasteners to get everything up in a few minutes.


For now I’ll be using them to display some camera gear and lego.