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Oregon Maker Meet-Up May 14th

I'm happy to announce that I'm organizing a meet-up here in Corvallis, Oregon on May 14th for makers, fans, YouTubers and artists alike.🎈 I've been wanting to connect with more people in the area - others who also like to make and create things - or fans who watch the videos and who would like to stop by and say hi in person.

Location: The meet-up will take place at Sky High Brewery, located in downtown Corvallis, Oregon @ 160 NW Jackson St. 

Parking: There are lots of available parking all over downtown Corvallis, and it's a very walk-able town. If you don't find a spot right outside the restaurant, try a few streets down. 

If it is very busy in town this map shows where lots of free parking is available just a couple blocks down from the meetup.

Time: The meet-up will start at 2:30. End time? Hard to say - we'll be there for a while :)

Can minors come? Sky High is a brewery, however people under the age of 21 are welcome in all areas of the restaurant except the bar.

Who's the meet-up for? Makers, youtubers, fans and anyone who'd like to stop by and say hi! If you're located in the general area, come by - I'd love to meet you!

About Corvallis!

Corvallis has a very picturesque nice downtown, perfect for walking around and checking out stores and coffee shops.

Every Saturday there's a Farmer's Market on 1st street (right next to the brewery) which ends at 1 pm, and it's always very lively and fun with food and music.

Great lumber stores in the general area:

  • The Hardwood Centre, 29855 on Highway 34 going towards Albany (nice slabs and a great hardware selection)
  • Mikes Bargain Center, 33993 Texas St on Highway 34 going towards Albany (great prices and a nice selection)
  • Spaeth Heritage House, 137 N 13th St, Philomath (architectural salvage)