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11 Maker & Building Podcasts to Listen To

Recently there has been a big increase in the amount of podcasts created by and for makers. My podcast, appropriately called "the Darbin Orvar Podcast" started a few months ago, and there are so many topics we're excited to talk about - including building but not limited to business, culture, philosophy and everything in between. I like how this format allows for free-flowing thoughts and how you can get ideas across in a more in-depth way, which video doesn't allow in the same way.

Personally , I think podcasts are great to listen to when working in the shop, or when walking the dog for example. Sometimes however, I think these various podcasts are a little hard to find, or keep track of since they don't all exists on the same system, unlike YouTube videos. So to make it a little easier to find these shows, I thought it would be useful to make as complete a list as possible, so here goes. If you have any podcasts you'd like to add, please leave a comment!

Darbin Orvar Podcast (Linn & Matt)

MakerCast (Jon Berard + Guests): 

Making It (Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett & David Picciuto): 

Modern Woodworkers Association (Dyami Plotke, Sean Wisniewski, Chris Adkin):

Garden Fork (Eric + Guests): 

Wood Talk (Marc Spagnuolo, Shannon Rogers & Matt Cremona): 

Matt's Basement Workshop (Matt Vanderlist):

Faking It (Andrew Aragon, Andy Birkey, Rod Reyes & David Waelder): 

Woodshop 101 (Drew Short & Jeremy Crawford)

The Dusty Life (Brian McCauley, Kyle Toth & Sean Rubino):

The Woodworking Podcast (Jay Bates, April Wilkerson, Nick Ferry):