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Ideas About Creativity (Podcast 04)

It seems like it is more important than ever to be creative. Everyone wants to be seen as creative and most try to do all they can to encourage it. I am in the same boat. I need to be creative for my projects and videos, and it is a constant pressure to continue this, but while it is a pressure I think it is a great pressure to encourage learning. Learning is what I think is at the base of creativity, well that and practice. Those two things together, continued through life are at the heart of both happiness and success.

Many people have come up with strategies to keep creative, and many books have been written to help with that, but I wanted to list a few things I think help creativity along.

Before you can be creative you must have some knowledge though. Lets take toys for example. Most people like Lego, and most people think it has something to do with being creative, but what? If we make a bit of an algorithm, one that make creativity, than what do you need to be included in it?

Lets say a tool, and the knowledge of how to use that tool is necessary to be creative. Well that is Lego in a nutshell. It is a tool, with very little learning required to get it going. Blocks just snap together, there is not a whole lot of learning necessary to use it. But learning and tools are just two of the things necessary to be creative. So lets put that in our algorithm, and figure out what else is needed for you to be creative with Lego.

It seems like knowledge of the outside world is necessary too, otherwise you would just snap together pieces and make large walls that are not too useful to anyone. This is perhaps why this kind of toy comes with instructions about how to use it. The picture on the box is what most would make with it. If you compare this to woodworking, which is not so easy to do as snap together pieces of plastic, you realize that the more you know of the real world, and how people actually live, the more interesting and relevant your creations will be. So lets add a little bit of practical real-world experience to the algorithm.

The real challenge to completing this algorithm of creativity is that you must continue to learn and refine your knowledge, practice with the tools and techniques, and that you are thinking in terms of the real world. I suppose it is also good to realize that it never stops, you are only as creative as your next idea. This is definitely a pressure, and many may not look at this as a good thing. Devising strategies to keep learning and practicing are really critical to continuing to be creative, because if it was easy everyone would be creative.