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French Cleat Wall System for Organizing Everything

French cleats are an incredibly easy and beautiful way to organize any space. This time it is my shop, but I can see how useful they could be in a kitchen, bathroom or craft room. In my mind it is all about how things look. I like to be around clean, nice looking environments, usually with white integrated as a background.

Wood, light-colored wood especially can be overpowering to the eye. Of course walnut, or an exotic wood presents exceptions, but generally pine and framing lumber can be a bit over-the-top if used too much. In this project here I wanted to have the pine screw organizer in focus, while popping off a white background. It is often curious that people who film and photograph their projects do not have white walls in their shop since it reflects light better than anything else.

With the flexibility of the wall system itself not a problem, the real question is what type of storage to make for the wall. Since you can add a simple 45 degree piece of wood to any box, shelf, or cabinet you can create just about anything. The joint is also really strong and finding studs is no longer a problem so you can really let your imagination go wild.

In my project I needed to store staples, small hand-held tools, glue and a shop vac so the shelves and boxes I made had that focus in mind. I will likely make a few more specialized boxes or shelves over time as I add and take away a few things but for the most part it is pretty well in place.

I think I may have a future project in mind for the kitchen/pantry that will use cedar and ipe to do the same type of thing, expect that all the bottles of olive oil, vinegar and spices I have may finally have a home.