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Darbin Orvar - Girl in a Shop

My adventures in building, diy, construction, testing and finishing.


My name is Linn and besides this website I run the YouTube channel Darbin Orvar. Since early 2014 I have been putting up videos as well as writing some blog posts. Most of all I love to make things...and I do love hand tools, so I have collected a respectable number over the years. I have been building and making all my life, with wood, fabric, metal...just about anything that you can use to make into something I am into it.

I was born and raised in Sweden, so woodworking and crafting, which are taught in schools at an early age have been part of my life from the beginning. Among my many interests that either inform or influence my woodworking and making include a love of science, technology and history. Often I take from these areas to help design the pieces I make and use my love of science to investigate the strengths, weaknesses and limits of the material I work with.

I have a background in computers that somehow transformed into having a YouTube channel about woodworking, but no matter what the field I have noticed that getting things done is very similar across disciplines. You start with a big idea and you have to break things down until they make sense.

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